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Insterburg is a self-administrated student dormitory in Karlsruhe (quarter: Waldstadt - Waldlage) in the direct neighbourhood of HFK. We are in a quiet area but you can get to the city in about 15 minutes with the public transports or with your bike.

There are living about 140 students from more than 40 nations in Insterburg, seperated in twelve stories. Each floor has a large kitchen which is the center of everyday life. Furthermore there is a large bathroom with enough toilets and showers.

Insterburg is self-administrated like the other dormitories on this webpage meaning that we need people to get involved in our community and organize the living together in our dorm. This can be e.g. in the tutorates but also in organizing parties or other common activities like refurbishing the bar.

As we can decide ourselves who moves in to our dormitory and to which floor we can integrate new floormates very fast in our community. The regular bar evenings (mostly once a week) as well as trips or movie evenings help us therewith.

The self-administration means that there are several offers here you don't normaly find in a student dorm . As we have our own financial means the plenary meeting once a semester can decide about purchasings.

For example you can play tabletop football, a billiards, table tennis or piano here.

Furthermore the longest time you can stay in the dormitory is not six semesters as in the student union's dormitores but ten semesters.


You can find more information about Insterburg at our homepage:


Insterburger Straße 2
76139 Karlsruhe

Buildings 1
Rooms 142
Roomsize 9 - 15 m²
Rent 190.50 €
Distance to the university 10 min (by bus)
15 min (by bike)

car park
showers on each floor
bike rack
barbecue area
fast Internet connection
toilettes on each floor