Living in the dormitory - more than just a place to sleep

The beginning of new phase of life, new study, new city, new people - this can overwhelming and intimidating for freshmen. This is where the dormitory can provide support. Here you can find nice, helpful people, who can help with words and deeds if you meet a problem.

Learning for life

By living and sharing with up to fifteen people per floor you will learn many things that are not taught in your lectures but are just as important for life.

Our dormitories are very international, you can learn about different cultures and make new friends from all over the world.


You want a loft bed? The outer wall should be painted blue? Thanks to the self-administration all this is possible. Self-administration means that we, the students, can decide about all things considering our dormitory, from the colour of your floor to rent increases and new building projects.

With us you have the opportunity to get involved, be heard and play an active role in shaping your dormitory.

Discover The Opportunities

Maybe you already have some hobbies, maybe you will discover new ones. Whatever your hobbies might be, in your future home you can find like-minded people.

At our dormitories you can find:

  • exercise rooms
  • music rooms
  • multi-media equipment and studio
  • bicycle workshops
  • electronic labs
  • wood workshops
  • bars
  • and much more...

Life is not only about partying...

... but decent studies also need compensation. Let it be the sociable evenings with your neighbours in one of our bars or an excessive party in the whole building, when your days work is done you can just relax.